The Cocama Project

Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle

In June of 2013 Sam and Marcie Nicholson joined a group from their church on a trip to the Amazon Jungles of Northern Peru. Little did they know that this one-week mission trip would have such a dramatic impact on their lives and cause a major change to their upcoming retirement plans.

As a result of that one trip The Cocama Project was founded, a ministry dedicated to reaching the Cocamas, a tribal group of indigenous people living in the Amazon. Sam and Marcie now spend much of their time living in the jungle village of Nueve de Octubre (the Ninth of October), named after the day of the year that the Peruvian Government officially recognized their village.

Over the past few years The Cocama Project has grown, purchasing a plot of land adjoining the village, building a one-room school house, a first aid facility, and finally a training center and kitchen facilities capable of housing and feeding 40 to 50 visitors. During that time a number of projects were initiated for this and surrounding villages. The first was assistance in building new boat docks, seen as a way to begin building relationships with people who, in some cases, feared these outsiders. Classes in English, Bible study and basic first aid were begun. Medical assistance was next with new children's projects expanding at the same time. A Pastor Training Project was begun to reach out to the pastors in river villages throughout the region. And the latest is a Water Project that provides the training villagers need to drill their own wells, provision of rain water holding tanks, etc.

As of December 2018 plans are being made for Kyle and Alissa Pean to join The Cocama Project as full time missionaries to the Peruvian Amazon Jungle.

Please pray for the Cocamas of the Amazon Jungles in South America. And please pray for The Cocama Project as our ministry reaches out to this indigenous people group in one of the most remote areas of the world. Matthew 22:36-40; Matthew 28:18-20

Meet Missionaries Kyle and Alissa Pean

Meet The Cocama Project's Board of Directors
Zach Nicholson – Chairman
Sam Nicholson – Executive Director
Gary Wallis – Director of Projects
Marian Perry – Treasurer
Al Drewett – Field Services Coordinator