Children's Projects

It is only an occasional event for jungle children to travel outside of their villages, and even more unusual for them to have visitors from another country and culture. But like most children around the world they are smart, curious and always looking for a way to have fun. Games that children play in the jungle include no electronic equipment and no manufactured toys, but their imaginations produce incredibly ingenious pastime enjoyment.

Our Children's Project has focused on bringing new ideas and knowledge to these children by helping the village school with their needs, by opening a library at our Mission Outpost and stocking it with children's books, by bringing in volunteers from churches in the United States to teach Bible stories and new games, and by hosting other ministries, such as Mission Possible, that brings young people from Lima to teach, do puppet shows and clown acts.

Funding for this project helps us continue to supply basic new materials such as books, pencils and paper for both our Mission Outpost as well as the village school. It also helps us bring in outside help from other ministries who can teach and entertain these children.

Please consider helping us with these children's projects by making a special contribution. Know that your contribution will be greatly appreciated by these children of the jungle.