Construction Projects

In early 2014 villagers came to us and let us know there was a property for sale adjoining their village. We soon learned they were concerned that a new owner might not allow them to walk across the land, blocking them from some of their fields of yucca, bananas and other crops they grow. In an effort to help the villagers The Cocama Project, in partnership with IAM (Indigenous Amazon Ministries), was able to purchase the land, and did so with the sole purpose of allowing the villagers access to their fields.

As soon as the land was ours in late 2014 we remodeled one of the old huts. With no doors and no ceiling Sam says it was like living under a carport in the Amazon Jungle. But it was a home for almost 2 years for Sam and Marcie.

After learning the villagers wanted their children to learn English a one room schoolhouse was built. Classes were started in March of 2015. God had added a new purpose for the property.

We soon recognized that medical help for people living so remotely was difficult at best, so a General Purpose First Aid building was constructed in 2015. In that same year our first opportunity to begin training pastors from river villages came in September, and we were able to host it in the General Purpose building’s training room. For the first seminar we had only a few participants. But the seminar was such a success that word spread rapidly up and down the river.

We quickly realized we needed more facilities for larger events. The participation for Pastor Training Seminars was growing and we were hosting groups of young people to work with the village children at the same time. Our cooks, ladies from the village, were providing three meals a day during the week for 30 to 40 people. And so, in 2016 we built and equipped a new on-site kitchen for our cooks and constructed a new combination Training Center/Dormitory for the pastors and other visitors.

In a few short years we have seen what was a simple offering of help to the villagers, the purchase of land so they could tend their fields, grow into a working Mission Outpost in the middle of the Amazon Jungle. Our incredible God had plans for this village and these people that we could never have envisioned when we first visited this remote jungle village in 2013. What a blessing it has been to see His hand at work.

Our mission work in the jungle is expanding and our facilities are limited. Current plans are to construct a new building to accommodate more guests, particularly when we hold pastor training seminars. Upkeep is also a growing demand as the facility grows. Funding for this project helps us build, repair, upgrade and maintain our Mission Outpost when needed.

Please consider helping us by making a special contribution. Know that your contribution will be greatly appreciated by all of us at The Cocama Project as well as the many visitors we host throughout the year.