Maria Project

In 2013 when we first visited the village of 9 de Octubre we met a young girl, Maria, who had a severe medical condition of her right arm and hand. She was in constant pain and held her arm high in the air continuously to help ease the pain. Her mother and father were both school teachers in the village school. As government employees they were transferred away to another village and we lost contact with them until 2015 when they returned to our home village of 9 de Octubre. We began to discuss Maria’s condition with them and found that she had been taken to the best medical professionals available in Lima Peru and had been diagnosed with a vascular disorder that cannot be treated in Peru.

After many months of working with local medical professionals in Iquitos and with the US Embassy in Lima we were finally successful in obtaining medical VISAs for Maria and her mother, Cecith, to come to the United States. Our purpose was to determine if anything could be done to help this child. In 2016 Maria and Cecith finally made the trip to the United States where Maria was properly diagnosed by a vascular surgeon at Methodist Hospital of Sugar Land. Methodist charities became involved and in two trips to the United States Maria has undergone seven surgeries.

While the initial seven surgeries were a success the surgeon suggested Maria may require as many as twelve to fifteen surgeries in all. Timing of Maria and Cecith’s return to the United States for follow up medical work has been coordinated with Cecith’s work schedule in Peru, and their next trip is set for January/February of 2018. Funding for this project helps us cover travel and living expenses for Maria and her mother when they travel to the United States for surgeries and medical treatment.

Please consider helping us to help Maria by making a special contribution to this project. Know that your contribution will be greatly appreciated by Maria and her entire family as they continue to seek the medical treatment she so desperately needs.