Medical Project

With long boat rides required to make it to town and with very little money to pay it is understandable that many villagers have never been to a doctor or dentist in their lives. This ongoing project involves bringing medical professionals to the villages when possible as well as keeping a supply of medicines on hand for everyday medical problems. In 2016 The Cocama Project was able to hire a young dentist to visit our village for 4 days. Word spread quickly and people began to arrive from miles of river villages. In that short time our dentist pulled over 50 teeth at our Mission Outpost and provided needed medical attention for other conditions to over 30 additional individuals.

Funding for this project helps us continue to supply basic medicines and bring in an occasional doctor, dentist or other medical professionals to our Mission Outpost.

Please consider making a  special contribution to help us with this project. Know that your contribution will be greatly appreciated by the Cocamas of 9 de Octubre as well as many others living in nearby villages.