Pastor Training Project

In 2015 we offered a pastor training seminar to a hand full of local village pastors. Our desire was to teach them basic Biblical principles so that they in turn would be better equipped to pastor others in their own villages. The response was exciting as we watched these men eagerly soak up every word. We learned that while they were sincere in heart many had never had anyone teach them, and they were hungry to learn.

Word spread rapidly to other jungle villages and in our next pastor training session in 2016 we experienced a significant increase in attendance. We began to use chronological story teaching materials developed by IAM (Indigenous Amazon Ministries) for basic theology lessons. The results were fantastic. We now plan to hold 3 seminars per calendar year and have included additional curriculum to address practical applications for the village pastors. All teaching material and methods are specifically developed to target the learning methods that most effectively reaches the culture. In our latest session of 2017 we had pastors attend from approximately 500 miles of 6 different rivers in the vast jungles of the Amazon.

Funding for this project allows us to cover the costs for ground transportation, river transportation, food, gasoline for generators, pay for translators and pay for village help, such as cooks. We are now hosting 40 to 50 people at these seminars including village pastors, teachers, translators, cooks, etc. Feeding that many people 3 meals a day for a week is in itself a challenge. But what a great problem to have!

Please consider helping us by making a  special contribution to this project.