Sam & Marcie Nicholson

On a short missions trip in June of 2013 Sam and Marcie fell in love with the Cocama people and soon realized God was calling them to live and work among them. In February 2014 Sam was guided to found The Cocama Project. Within six months the non-profit ministry received its 501c3 approval from the IRS, providing the vehicle by which tax deductible donations could be channeled to the work ahead in the Amazon Jungle. In August of 2014 they began living among the people, using their former careers' experience and knowledge (engineering and education) to help with humanitarian needs and to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ. They alternately live two to three months in the jungle village of 9 de Octubre and two to three months in Richmond Texas, allowing them the ability to live among this people group as well as tend to the needs of the ministry. They report that one of the greatest compliments they have received was when the villagers began to refer to them as the “Cocamas blanco” (the white Cocamas), indicating their acceptance into the society of this jungle culture. Sam and Marcie are members of First Baptist Church of Rosenberg in Rosenberg, Texas.