Water Wells Project

In 2016 we started a new project called Water Wells. We learned from our medical work that many of the illnesses we see are caused from contaminated drinking water. However, it is difficult and expensive to bring big equipment into the jungle. Through Links International USA we learned of a ministry in West Texas that has a drilling method that requires no machinery, so we went to their school. Water for All International provided training for us and we in turn now have a way to train villagers so they can drill their own water wells.

Funding for this project helps us to purchase the basic supplies such as pipe, drill bits, rope, etc that are needed to drill. We also help villagers pay for materials needed to complete a well and install a manual pump, but we insist that they contribute the labor and a little money to ensure they take ownership of the new wells.

Please consider helping us by making a special contribution. Know that your contribution will be greatly appreciated by the villagers as a good supply of safe water is truly one of their greatest needs.