The Cocama Project is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) ministry that is project driven, meaning we identify a need, plan a project to address the need, raise the necessary funds and then proceed with execution of the project. Our current projects are listed below. Please prayerfully consider supporting one or more of our these projects, and may God richly bless you for responding to the needs of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Matthew 25:31-40

Children's Projects

Our children's projects are focused on bringing new ideas and knowledge to these remote jungle villages. A library stocked with children's books, visits from outsiders that lead in games and tell Bible stories, and clowns and puppets from ministries such as Mission Possible are all ways we engage with and entertain village children.

Medical Project

This is an ongoing project that involves keeping a supply of medicines on hand as well as bringing medical professionals to the village when possible. We have occasionally assisted in emergency medical situations, surgeries, etc. when necessary. Funding for this ongoing project helps to ensure medicines and other assistance remains available to the villagers.

Water Wells Project

This project teaches a way to manually drill water wells without the assistance of machinery or drilling rigs. Bringing abundant supplies of clean water to villagers will help eliminate a large percentage of the illnesses they experience. Our goal is to supply needed materials and teach both drilling techniques and maintenance skills to the village population, making them self sufficient in obtaining abundant supplies of clean water.

Pastor Training Project

We currently teach over twenty village pastors from approximately 500 miles of six rivers three times a year, with each session lasting a week. With teachers, translators, cooks etc. we feed and house between 40 and 50 people for the week. This project’s funding directly affects the spreading of the Gospel throughout the vast jungles of the Amazon.

Construction Projects

As our outreach in the jungle expands so does our ministry, and our Mission Outpost is in constant need of new construction, upgrades and maintenance to accommodate all that we do. Our current plans include construction of a new training building to supplement the one we already have in use.

The Maria Project

Maria is a 13 year old village girl who suffers from a vascular birth defect in her right hand and arm. The disorder cannot be treated in Peru and The Cocama Project has been able to obtain charitable medical help from a vascular surgeon in the Houston area. Funding for this project provides the travel and living expenses Maria and her mother incur when they travel to the United States for surgical procedures.